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About Ocean State Aquatics

Our founder, Scott Crowe began his career with specialty in crocodilian management and captive care. This led to an interest in developing better filtration systems, which eventually encompassed all aspects of aquarium maintenance and design.

Ocean State Aquatics

Expertise Throughout Southern New England

Our team of aquarium technicians now provides expertise to a wide variety of customers including medical and dental offices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, schools, restaurants and hotels, and pet stores in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We are the service technicians for PetSmart and PetCo throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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Ocean State Aquatics

Facilities to Support the Highest Level of Service

Our Design Studio includes a coral growing tank and isolation tanks for quarantining new fish to insure they are healthy before introducing them to our customers’ tanks. We maintain the proper inventory of equipment, parts, chemicals and supplements to meet our clients’ needs for timely service. (A delay in repairing a filter could be a life or death situation for aquarium dwellers.) Our fleet of service trucks travels throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts to provide weekly and biweekly services to our customers.

Ocean State Aquatics

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